Summer can take a lot out of your yard. Hot and dry weather conditions make taking care of your yard hard, but did you know there’s a way to prevent dirt areas in not-so-sunny areas? General yard maintenance, such as consistent watering, helps. However, you’re looking for a long-term solution. 

So what is that solution? 

Fescue overseeding and sod installation, a technique used to enhance the look of your grass. Overseeding is another term for reseeding. Lawns need to be restored occasionally, and choosing the right grass seed for the job is critical. Overseeding your yard with newer, improved types of fescue is often the best way to thicken the lawn and improve its health and appearance. In addition, the newer fescue varieties are better able to resist damage from drought, diseases, and lawn damaging insects.

When is the best time to overseed? 

The best time to overseed your lawn depends on where you live. In the cooler northern climates, the best time to overseed is in late summer to early fall. The soil is warm enough to support germination in fall, but the temperatures aren’t too extreme for the tender new grass to develop before winter sets in. 

How can I get a fescue lawn? 

At Custom Lawn’s & Landscape, we provide the expertise and skill set necessary to produce a healthy fescue lawn. With us, your lawn’s maintenance is taken care of so that you can get an entire, green lawn without the headache. Purchasing the tools, nutrients, and products necessary to get the job done can add up, so let us save you money in the long run!