Are you tired of your cat or dog always escaping from your yard? We know how frustrating it can be when you’ve spent thousands of dollars on training classes, and your dog is still escaping. Yet, you love your pet and want them to be able to run and play while also staying safe and on your property. The solution to this problem is an underground dog fence. 

What is an underground fence?

Underground or electric pet fences are comparatively inexpensive and easy to install and — with the proper training — very safe for your pet. 

The fence consists of a buried wire equipped with a transmitter. When the dog gets close to the buried wire, the transmitter will signal the collar, which administers a correction to the dog. If the dog continues toward the fence, the collar gives the dog an electronic correction. The transmitter must be mounted in a dry area close to an electrical outlet, plugged in for the best optimization.

With no structure for your dog to scale or climb this kind of fencing offers some relief. While a curious dog may dig up the ground wire, wireless fence systems are equipped with warning signals to immediately alert your system of any kind of breach.


After the installation of the underground fence, the dog learns the boundaries. This works as a form of training, not punishment. Throughout the use of the fence, your pet knows to stay within the confines of the underground fence. 

At Custom Lawns & Landscape, we want you to enjoy the best lawn in the metro while also being functional. That’s why we offer the best installation of fencing possible to ensure your pet won’t escape.